EDI Default Mode for Digital Invoices

Here’s how our Default EDI Mode works: 

  • Managers continue to upload the invoice images, documenting any handwritten adjustments
  • Your vendor sends us digital versions of your invoices (EDI invoices)
  • MarginEdge automatically matches the uploaded image with the EDI invoice
  • If no invoice image is received, EDI invoices will be flagged in your Weekly Snapshot Email

What do I do about "Image Pending"? 

When you look at your orders, you will see a new type of “Status”:

  • If we have received the EDI, but not the image, it will say “Image Pending”.


In addition to getting alerts in your Weekly Snapshot Email, you can at any point, log into MarginEdge and check to see which invoices are in a pending state.

From the side Navigation Bar, click on Accounting > Reconciliation


When this page loads, you will see a quick snapshot at the top regarding how many items are either waiting or needing your attention. You can search for a specific item or use the drop-down box to filter by the category that you would like to see.


Missing Image (Image Pending) – This means that MarginEdge has received the EDI Invoice or Credit from the Vendor but has not received the corresponding Image of the Invoice or, in the case of a credit, the image of the Credit Memo itself or the Invoice showing a handwritten adjustment.

When you click on the line item for an invoice that shows a Missing Image, you will get this pop-up box:


From this box, you can quickly reconcile the issue.

  • If you have the correct image, you can click “Upload Image” and attach the image to the document. It will then automatically go to In Reconciliation mode for system approval.
  • If you want to approve this EDI invoice without the corresponding image, you can click “Approve Without Image”. You will then have to confirm this choice by clicking “Confirm” in the subsequent pop-up box.
  • If you are certain this invoice is incorrect or not needed, you can simply “Delete” it. You will have to confirm this choice by clicking “Confirm” in the subsequent pop-up box. Once deleted, it cannot be recovered.


Do I still need to upload invoice images?

Yes. Our default mode still relies heavily on invoice images and your credits will only be recorded from your hand-written adjustments. If you want to use EDI to stop uploading invoices, please see this article for other setting options. 

What if I forget to upload an invoice?

If we received EDI data for an invoice but did not receive the image, you will see this flagged in your Weekly Snapshot email. You can then manually approve the invoice with the EDI data. If you do not approve this EDI-only invoice, it will automatically delete after 28 days.

Will you still process handwritten invoice adjustments? 

Yes! As long as you continue uploading invoices, our default setting allows you to continue receiving this great feature. It’s the only way MarginEdge will record your credits.

Are there other options for how EDI is handled?

Check out this article for more detailed info, including an alternative option that requires every single EDI invoice to have a corresponding image, offering a solid double-checking system, but leading to more manual reconciliations.


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