Importing a certificate to your Epson label printer

1 - Download the certificate from MarginEdge’s recipe viewer

  • A) Navigate to the Printer Setup page and click the ‘Download Certificate’ button


  • B) Save the file somewhere on your computer.

2 - Import the certificate into your label printer

  • A) Navigate to your printer’s setup page in your web browser
    • Open your browser and enter the printer’s IP address in the address bar
    • Enter the username and password for the printer, which will likely be the default:
      • Username: epson
      • Password: epson
  • B) From the menu on the left sidebar, select Certificate Import
    • Select ‘Password Protected PKCS#12 Certificate’ as the File Type
    • Use the ‘Choose File’ button to select the certificate you recently downloaded from MarginEdge
    • Enter ‘marginedge’ as the Password


    • Select the Import button and click Reset on the following screen
    • Wait for your printer to restart and navigate back to the printer’s setup home page in the browser
  • C) From the menu on the left sidebar, select SSL/TLS
    • Scroll down to the list of certificates
    • Find the CA-Signed Certificate that has ‘*’ as its subject (It will usually be ‘CA-Signed Certificate1’)


    • Using the top menu, set the Server Certificate to the CA-Signed Certificate that we noted in step ii.
    • Leave Encryption Strength as ‘Medium’ and Automatic Redirect HTTP to HTTPS as ‘Enable’.


    • Select the Send button and reset your printer
  • D) To test installation, navigate to your printer’s IP address in the browser as before.
    • However, replace all periods with underscores (‘_’) and add ‘’ to the end.
    • For example, if your printer’s IP address was, you would navigate to Your printer setup page should now be displayed here.
  • E) You have now installed a CA-Signed certificate to your label printer! Good work!
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