Commissary Receiving Unit: How to Place an Order

A receiving restaurant unit can place an order to the Commissary Kitchen just like they would place an order with any other outside vendor. Step by step instructions are below with links to additional settings at the end.


1) Under Orders, click “Place a new Order


2) Choose the Commissary Vendor and then the order guide will populate all items available

3) You can select the Requested Delivery Date using the date picker


4) If there are different packaging options, you can select the one you want from the dropdown

5) Enter the quantities desired and the line price will automatically update

5) Once you complete your order, you can see the Estimated Total Price at the bottom.

6) Using the blank box at the bottom, add any notes that need to be communicated to the Commissary.


7) Once you're finished, click “Send” and it will give you a preview of the order, asking you to confirm.


Things to Note:

  • By placing this order, you’re creating an invoice for you that will appear on your “Orders” page, and creating an inbound purchasing order for the Commissary.
  • The Commissary will have the ability to adjust the Requested Delivery Date and any quanitities ordered.
  • The Commissary Vendor settings can be adjusted to allow for ordering in decimal amounts, not just whole numbers.
  • The Commissary Vendor settings can also be adjusted to allow for modifications of the order anytime it is in the “Sending” status. When this is enabled, you can just click on the order, make any changes needed and click “Resend”. These changes will show up in real time in the commissary unit.


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