The Label Printer

Our recipe feature knows all the ingredients in what you’re prepping, so why not have our software print your labels too? Get clearly labeled prepared items, ready for both the cooks and the health inspector! Since we already have your ingredient information, all you need to do is select which employee prepped the item (easy drop-down list). We know the date, batch number, and how long the item is good for.

Supported Equipment

Purchase a label printer - We currently support the Epson TM L90 printer. If you would like to use a different label please contact support and we will let you know if we can support it.

Purchase blank labels - We support the Zebra LD-R2LS5W-R Barcode Label


Getting Set Up

For instructions on how to set up your Epson TM L90 Printer, click here.

For instructions on how to import a certificate to your Epson Printer, click here. 





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