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The orders screen houses all of your invoices, see their status and click on any and click on any invoice to look at the uploaded image and all the details about how it was processed. You can also use our Invoice Approval feature to review and edit invoices before closing them and sending them to accounting and our Orders feature to place electronic orders directly to your vendors.

USER INTERFACE (As it appears with the Accountant user role)


  1. +Place a new Order - This button allows you to send electronic orders to any vendor for whom you have an order guide set up
  2. Attach Invoice - This button allows you to upload an invoice in PNG or JPG format. Unlike uploading invoices using the phone app or emailing in invoices, the Attach Invoices button requires you to select a vendor and enter some basic information about the vendor and enter some basic information about the invoice.
  3. Include Filter - This allows you to filter which invoices you see based on the processing status of the invoice
  4. Approve Invoices - This button allows you to turn on and configure the "Approve Invoices" feature or, if the feature has already been turned on, to review and approve your invoice in Pending Approval status.
  5. Export - You can export the contents of this screen in CSV or PDF form using the Export Button. 
  6. Search Bar - You can search invoices for any field displayed on the Orders Page. 
  7. Upload DateThis column indicated when an invoice was uploaded and by default is sorted from newest to oldest
  8. VendorThis column shows the name of the vendor an invoice is payable to. This name will be blank when an invoice is in Initial Review status.
  9. Invoice Number -This column shows the invoice number from your invoice. This name will be blank when an invoice is in Initial Review status. Not all invoices have invoice numbers. Generally, invoices with a "C" at the beginning or end will be credits.
  10. Invoice Date -This column shows the invoice date from your invoice. This name will be blank when an invoice is in Initial Review status. Invoices that are processed after a closed book date will have a different posting date from their invoice date and this date will appear in red in this column. For more information check out this article on our Close Books feature.
  11. Payment -This column shows what "Payment Account" your invoice has been closed to. By default, all invoices will be closed to Accounts Payable but you can create alternate payment accounts for checking, petty cash, etc...
  12. Status -This column shows what stage of processing your invoice is in. Only invoices in closed status are included in reporting. Check out this article on Invoice FAQs for or more information on Invoice Statuses
  13. TotalThis is the invoice total including any handwritten adjustments.



If you want tighter control over your invoice process, you can require that invoices be approved by a user with the Restaurant Admin or Accountant role being available to export to your accounting system. This can be set for all invoices, or according can be customized by to only require approval for selected categories with charges exceeding certain amounts. 

Check out our articles on the Approve Invoices Feature: article on setting up and using the Approve Invoices feature.


You can place electronic orders to your vendors directly through the MarginEdge platform. Order Guides are automatically populated from the purchasing data from your invoices, but you’ll still need to configure a few things before you can get started. 

Check out these articles and videos on setting up order guides and configuring online ordering to get started. You can also set pars on your order guides, and even specify different pars for different days (article needed). 

Once your order guides are set up you can place orders by pressing the “Place a New Order” button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.  Orders are sent via email to the address(es) that you specify and we will appear on your orders screen until the order is fulfilled by your vendor. 



If you click on any invoice you will be able to see all of the details of that invoice including the invoice image, line items, coding, miscellaneous charges, etc... 

On the top, you'll see an icon of each image you uploaded for the invoice. You can click into any of those images to see the full-size photo. For EDIs you can click the invoice icon and it will bring you to a screen where you can see a link to download the CSV as well as any images of the invoice that may have been uploaded.  


mceclip1.pngWhen viewing an order you will see all the information available on the Orders page as well as line item detail and how taxes, delivery charges, and other miscellaneous fees. You can change how these miscellaneous fees are distributed on an invoice by editing your Advanced Vendor Configuration Options on a per vendor basis. If you would like to see how your miscellaneous fees or credits have been distributed by category you can view this on the Category Report in your Performance Menu. 

Except for the invoice date, invoices are not editable once they have been closed. If you have changes or adjustments that need to be made, you can contact help@marginedge.com.

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