EDI & Invoices in MarginEdge

This feature allows you to start receiving electronic invoices (EDI) from your vendors: you’ll never miss an invoice and see more accurate data at no extra cost! Things should still look and feel the same, but you’ll have better data now.

While you can change your settings, the first step to initiate any EDI invoices must be done by a MarginEdge staff member.  If interested, please ask us to contact your vendor to complete the integration!

Here’s how our Default EDI Mode works: 

  • Managers continue to upload the invoice images, documenting any handwritten adjustments
  • Your vendor sends us electronic versions of your invoices (EDI invoices)
  • MarginEdge automatically matches the uploaded image with the EDI invoice
  • If no invoice image is received, EDI invoices will be flagged in your Weekly Snapshot email for approval. If no approval is given, they will auto-delete after 28 days

Which vendors are supported? 

Acme Paper, Adams-Burch, Ben E Keith, Capital Seaboard, Chef’s Warehouse, Coastal Sunbelt Produce, Congressional Seafood, Freedom Fresh, Freshpoint, Gordon Food Service, Keany Produce, Liberty Fruit, Lyon Bakery, Performance Food Service, Profish, Reinhart Food Service, Sysco, US Foods. Limited support for Fintech.

Let us know which vendors you would like to see supported!

Is there a risk of duplicate invoices?

No, if we receive the image and EDI invoice, our software will automatically match them. You don’t have to worry about us processing them twice.

When will my MarginEdge start receiving electronic invoices from my vendor?

Once we initiate the request, we encourage the vendor to turn it on ASAP. We have seen response rates range from a few days to a few weeks. Note, US Foods typically takes at least 4-6 weeks. 

 Does this have anything to do with any electronic transferring of funds?

Absolutely not!!! No permission is given to allow anything of the sort.



Image Pending & EDI Pending

When you look at your orders, you will see two new types of “Status”:

  • If we have received the EDI, but not the image, it will say “Image Pending”.
  • If we have received the Image but not the EDI, it will say “EDI Pending”. 


How do I see an EDI Invoice?

An invoice in MarginEdge should look the same regardless of whether the source was an EDI or an Image. If you want to see the original EDI data, the square icon that shows up in the photos window on an invoice generally indicates there is an EDI file attached. You can click through and download the CSV file to view the data directly.




MarginEdge relies on your uploaded invoice images and will use any EDI data received to process your invoices more efficiently and accurately.


Do I still need to upload invoice images?

Yes. Our default mode still relies heavily on invoice images and your credits will only be recorded from your hand-written adjustments. If you want to use EDI to stop uploading invoices, please see this article for other setting options. 

What if I forget to upload an invoice?

If we received EDI data for an invoice but did not receive the image, you will see this flagged in your Weekly Snapshot email. You can then manually approve the invoice with the EDI data. If you do not approve this EDI-only invoice, it will automatically delete after 28 days.

Will you still process handwritten invoice adjustments? 

Yes! As long as you continue uploading invoices, our default setting allows you to continue receiving this great feature. It’s the only way MarginEdge will record your credits.

Are there other options for how EDI is handled?

Check out this article for more detailed info, including an alternative option that requires every single EDI invoice to have a corresponding image, offering a solid double-checking system, but leading to more manual reconciliations.

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