Connecting ME to Shopify

You will need to complete work in MarginEdge and Shopify:

In MarginEdge

  1. Log into MarginEdge ( If you have access to multiple locations, check you are in the correct location you want to connect.
  2. Go to Setup> Integrations > Point of Sale. Click on the button that shows “Shopify”. Click “Connect to Shopify.”



 In Shopify

  1. Log in as admin to your admin console:

  2. Click Apps in the navigation bar:

    (Don’t see Apps? You may need higher permissions. Please contact your Shopify administrator. )

  3. See Manage Private Apps in the bottom of the screen:

  4. Create new private app:

  5. Fill out this info:

  6. Provide Read access to the following fields:

  • Products

  • Analytics

  • Discounts

  • Gift cards

  • Locations

  • Orders

  • Reports

  • Transactions

7. Remaining fields:


8. Hit “Save”

9. Observe the following fields populated:


You will need them in the steps below. 

Back In MarginEdge

  1. Navigate back into Setup > Integrations > Point of Sale > Shopify or go back to the page you left open in MarginEdge.
  2. Username is the API Key you see, and password is the password you see in Step 9 of the In Shopify section.
  3. Enter your "Domain" You may not know this as it's not an obvious or commonly used ID, but it is in your browser window when you are logged in to your store. Generally, when looking at reports, you would see a URL like, and abcd1234 is the domain you are looking for here.mceclip8.png
  4. Save changes by clicking "Verify" and  "Save".
  5. If you are currently in onboarding and working with an implementation manger, please email to confirm you were able to complete these steps. If you are not currently in onboarding, please email

Once set up, the process will be completely automated. Your prior day's sales will be sent to the MarginEdge cloud every morning.


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