Connecting MarginEdge to Xero

In Xero:

  1. Login into Xero Developer Center at
  2. On the top right click “New App” , and choose 'Web App' if prompted.Screen_Shot_2020-02-17_at_1.28.05_PM.png
  3. Provide an App Name “MarginEdge”
  4. Company or application URL "
  5. Leave Privacy policy URL blank
  6. OAuth 2.0 redirect URI "
  7. Agree to the Xero Developer Platform Terms & Conditions
  8. Click “Create app”
  9. Copy the “Client id” to a safe location
  10. Click "Generate a secret”
  11. Copy the “Client secret” to a safe location
  12. Save
In MarginEdge
  1. Setup > Integrations > Xeroblobid3.png
  2. Enter the “Client Id” from step 9 above
  3. Enter the “Client Secret” from step 11 above
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