Connecting ME to Xero

Please note that if you are connecting more than one organization in Xero, you will need to create one Web App per organization in order to integrate with MarginEdge properly.

In Xero:

  1. Login into Xero Developer Center at
  2. On the top right click “New App” , and choose 'Web App' if prompted.Screen_Shot_2020-02-17_at_1.28.05_PM.png
  3. Provide an App Name “MarginEdge”
  4. Company or application URL "
  5. Leave Privacy policy URL blank
  6. OAuth 2.0 redirect URI "
  7. Agree to the Xero Developer Platform Terms & Conditions
  8. Click “Create app”
  9. Copy the “Client id” to a safe location
  10. Click "Generate a secret”
  11. Copy the “Client secret” to a safe location
  12. Save
In MarginEdge
  1. Setup > Integrations > Xeroblobid3.png
  2. Enter the “Client Id” from step 9 above
  3. Enter the “Client Secret” from step 11 above

If you are connecting a different Xero organization to a different MarginEdge location, please repeat the same steps again to create a new web app.

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