How to Export to Accounting with QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop syncs with MarginEdge via a web connector downloaded when you set up your accounting integration. Each time you run your web connector anything cued up to export from MarginEdge will be pulled into your accounting system. MarginEdge will receive an updated version of your chart of accounts and vendor list from QuickBooks Desktop. 

The first thing to consider when exporting invoices, sales entries or an inventory adjustment from MarginEdge is how your accounting system integration is configured. To find these settings, go to Setup > Integrations and select your accounting system.


Here you will see drop-downs that specify how MarginEdge syncs with your accounting system. These settings can be set individually for orders (invoices), sales entries (daily sales journals) and inventory entries (inventory adjustments). 


To adjust your settings, click on the dropdown menu and select your preferred sync option. 

The options are:

  • All Available – As soon as we have finished processing an invoice, pulled sales entries from your POS system, paid a vendor with Bill Pay or you have an inventory adjustment to post to accounting, these transactions will automatically be put in pending status. They can then be exported by running your web connector. 
  • Only Selected When we finish processing invoices, have received a balanced sales entry or you have an inventory adjustment to post, these transactions will appear on your export page where you can manually select and export them to your accounting system. All data will immediately populate in your MarginEdge reports, and invoices can be paid with Bill Pay; however, only those transactions which have been manually selected to send in MarginEdge will be exported when you run your web connector. 
  • Pause TemporarilyThis option will prevent any data from exporting to your accounting system until you select a different option.


Exporting in Only Selected Mode

By default, all restaurant units in MarginEdge are set to manual. To export to your accounting system, go to Accounting > Export. Here you will see everything that is ready to export. 


By default, this list will display only items dated within your current accounting period. However, by changing the date range selector you can choose any period you want. 


If there are invoices that have not finished reconciling (because MarginEdge is still processing them) or they are in error status outside your selected date range, you will see a notification on the top of the page (see example below).


Export Screen statuses and what they mean:

Ready Ready to export to your accounting system 

Pending Anything in pending status is cued up to be sent to your accounting system, but will not appear in your QuickBooks Desktop until you run your web connector (see instructions at the end of this article). 

Sent Successfully exported to your accounting system

Needs Attention This invoice needs to be mapped this invoice can be exported to your accounting system. For instructions on how to map your vendor, click here. Keep in mind that if you add a new vendor to your accounting system, it will not appear on your list of vendors for mapping until you run web connector and your vendor list is updated.  

Error Export to your accounting system has failed. Click the Error text in red and a pop-up will appear that shows the error message. If you are unsure how to resolve the error, email and we will help you fix it. Daily sales journals that are not balanced will automatically be in error status. If you click the error status, you will see the message, “total debits do not equal total credits.” 

Skipped Transactions will not be exported to your accounting system. By default, anything in skipped status will not appear on your export screen; however, you can view skipped invoices by changing your filter settings. 


By default, your export screen will show all invoices, sales entries or inventory adjustments in Ready, Pending, Needs Attention or Error status. To manually select what is included or excluded, click the filter button.


Running your web connector

To sync MarginEdge and QuickBooks Desktop you need to run your web connector. To do this, select File > Update Web Services.


  • Make sure the "Auto-Run" checkbox is not checked.
  • If you have more than one restaurant connected to MarginEdge you will need to make sure that you are signed into the Company File for the restaurant you are syncing. You can only run the web connector for one restaurant at a time (you should never update selected with more than one check box checked.
  • If using classes, you can still only have the box checked for one class at a time.

Once you've selected the restaurant's checkbox, click Update Selected at the top.  This will run the connection, looking for anything to update between the two systems.  The process is quick, and you should see a green bar at bottom that shows 100% for Application and Total Progress.


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