Approving Invoices

If you want tighter control over your invoice process, you can require that invoices be approved in MarginEdge before being sent to your accounting system. You can specify that ALL invoices require approval, or you can easily set rules to require the approval of only certain expense categories with charges exceeding certain amounts.

NOTE: All approvals must be made by a Restaurant Admin or Accountant user. For detail on user roles, see What are the different user permissions in MarginEdge?


Invoice Approval Setup

From the Orders page, the far right button is "Approve Invoices".


The first time you select this, you will be able to configure your invoice approval as shown below.



All - As the name suggests, every invoice in MarginEdge will need approval by a Restaurant Admin or Accountant user before the invoice can flow to your accounting system.

Some - With this option, you can specify that approval is required only for specific Categories and the dollar thresholds you choose.

In the below example, only invoices with $500 or more in total charges in the Beverages category will require approval.



Once setup is complete, as invoices are processed and require approval, the status on the Orders page will be shown as “Pending Approval”.


Approving Invoices

Once you have finished Invoice Approval Setup, from the Orders page select the “Approve Invoices” button to view any invoices requiring approval. They will appear in a list such as the below.


Click on any invoice row to go to the Approval screen (see sample approval screen below). From that screen, you can view the invoice photos if needed, approve the invoice, or skip it. Skipping the invoice moves you to the next invoice in the list for approval. When you approve an invoice, you will immediately be shown the next invoice that is waiting for approval. In the unusual case that you need to delete the invoice, you can do that from the screen as well.



The Approve Invoice screen will always show you a note describing why the invoice is requiring approval. In the above example, the explanation is "All invoices require approval". If however, the invoice needs approval due to a Category and $ rule, that rule will be noted on the approval screen.



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