Connecting ME to Toast POS

In order to connect to Toast, you will need to complete steps in Toast. Regardless of the number of your units you manage, you only need to complete the steps one time if they are all under one account in Toast.


In Toast

You'll need to log in to Toast and submit one request to set up an automated nightly data export. (We have heard reports that the Toast chat feature and phone number do not yield positive results. Submitting a Customer Care Case, as explained below, seems to be best!)

Automated Nightly Data Export

First: Submit one request to Toast.

Scroll down to where it says "Create a Case"

  • Search for your restaurant account in the “Account Name” field (choose one of the locations)
  • Search for yourself in the “Contact Name” field
  • Choose the “Other Setup” option in the “I have a question about” field
  • In the subject field, write “Automated Nightly Reports”
  • In the description field, write: 


Please enable standard exports for [my restaurant name] to automate nightly exports per the help article Using a Third Party System to Export Reports: (

Thank you!

  • Note: If you have multiple units, you will only need to request this one time. Toast will supply you with a way to retrieve the restaurant numbers for all locations.


Second: After this information is received, enable all of the reports.

Once Toast Customer Support has confirmed set up and provided you with your access keys, please:

  • Go to Settings > Data Export and click “Enabled” on each report. Full instructions for this step are found here, in Toast Central. 

Only users with the Data Export Config permission can modify the data export setup for your restaurant group.

As indicated in the image above, if your restaurant is part of a multi-unit restaurant group, the export configuration will apply to all restaurants in that group.

  • Navigate to The Toast Restaurant ID Mapping Page
  • This page will automatically download a CSV file which will contain all of your restaurant numbers. We need a location ID for each unit in a multi-unit setup. 

Third, send us the requested information.

Please send the following to your Implementation Manager or directly to 

  • The CSV file from Toast

(Feel free to directly forward the confirmation email sent from Toast and attach the CSV!)


Your work here is complete, thank you! 

Once we receive the information, the integrations team will complete setup by pulling historical sales and balancing the entries. Then the process will be completely automated and your prior day's sales will be sent to the MarginEdge every morning!

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