What is ME Bill Pay?

OK, so what is ME Bill Pay?

With ME (MarginEdge) Bill Pay, you can pay your bills directly from within MarginEdge. You select the vendors and the invoices you want to pay, and payments are sent by check the following business day. Some great features of ME Bill Pay include:

  • Payments are synced to your accounting system, with all invoices marked 'paid' in AP
  • Pay as many invoices with one check as you’d like
  • Quickly select invoices from multiple vendors (one check will go to each!)
  • Pay invoices for multiple locations with one payment
  • Save time as well as postage and paper costs

Here is detailed help to get you up and running with ME Bill Pay:

How do I setup ME Bill Pay?

How do I setup vendors to pay them with ME Bill Pay?

How do I pay invoices using ME Bill Pay?


Note:  ME Bill Pay is an optional feature with a small additional cost beyond the MarginEdge monthly subscription.   Once ME Bill Pay is setup (see links above), we will contact you about updating your subscription billing.  With any questions about this feature (or any other aspect of MarginEdgel!), reach out to us anytime at help@marginedge.com.   Or, if you'd like to participate in a training session about ME Bill Pay, check out our training schedule here.


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