Connecting ME to Salido POS

Below are the instructions to connect Salido POS to MarginEdge.    

In MarginEdge

1.  Login to MarginEdge (, click Client Login in upper right).  If you have more than one location, be sure you are in the right one in MarginEdge.

2.  Go to Setup > Integrations.  Click on button that shows “Salido”.  Click “Connect to Salido”.

3.  "Store Location ID".    This is not typically something you'll know.  Assuming you don't, just put a descriptive name of your location in this field and we'll replace it with the ID when we find it in the POS. 

4.  "Username" and "Password"   Enter your Salido username and password.   (Most clients use their own login information.   If you'd prefer, you can create a new login/password in Salido just for MarginEdge and use that here.)

5.   Click “Save”.

6. If you are currently in onboarding and working with an implementation manger, please email to confirm you were able to complete these steps. If you are not currently in onboarding, please email

7.   One last step to help us ensure the data is setup correctly - please send us five (5) individual days of DSR's (daily sales reports).   You can email those to 

Once you've connected and we receive your DSR's (see #6 above), it will still take a few days before you'll start seeing your sales data in the software, since ME has to complete an internal mapping process to make sure everything imports correctly.

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