Connecting ME to Aloha POS

Below are the instructions to install our Aloha POS integration software. 

One important note:  You will need to get Aloha/NCR Support to put LANDesk into learning mode prior to attempting to install.

See below for more details:

Firewall / LANDesk Details:

Please put LANDesk in learning mode (this will require Aloha/NCR assistance.) If you have an additional firewall here are the specific things that need to change:

  • Allow outbound access to
  • Allow a program called PSCP.EXE to be run on the computer. (This is a file transfer program we use.)
  • The firewall should also permit traffic to on port 22 (SSH) (This is our integration server, where nightly data exports will be sent.)

Installing the ME software: 

The following steps must be performed on the POS backend computer:

  1. Using a web browser login to MarginEdge –   If you have more than one unit, be sure to change to the correct unit.
  2. Go to Setup > Integrations. In the section labeled “Point of Sale”, find and click on ALOHA.
  3. Click the “Download Installer” button.
  4. You will get a popup window showing a Username and Password. You need to write these down, or you can copy/paste to a notepad. Then, click “OK”.
  5. Click the link to run the installer download program.  You may see a warning about unsigned software -- we're working on that. In the meantime, please permit the installer to run.
  6. The installer should take a few minutes to complete its work.  Once it has finished, you're done.
  7. To help us ensure the data is configured properly, please send 5 individual days of DSR's (daily sales reports).   Email those to .

The ME software for the POS doesn't have an application icon and should not require any further attention from you. It's intended to be completely automated and will ship that last day of sales to the MarginEdge cloud every morning.

Once we receive your DSR's (see #7 above), it will take a few days between when the installs are completed and when you start seeing your sales data in the software, since ME has to complete an internal mapping process to make sure everything imports correctly.

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