How do I setup a vendor for online ordering in MarginEdge?

You can order all of your products, all in one place, all through MarginEdge. Simplify your ordering process to save time! 

It doesn't matter if your vendor claims to have 'online ordering' or not. Anyone who will accept orders via email can be setup in MarginEdge. Sometimes these order emails go to a sales rep, and sometimes the order emails go to a central ordering email, like This article addresses getting your vendor setup to receive orders from [me] through email.

NOTE: MarginEdge currently only supports EDI ordering for the vendor Profish. All other vendors will need to be setup via email, as outlined below. 


How to setup a vendor for online ordering

1.  Find and edit the vendor page you want set up for orders.

  • Navigate to Vendors > Vendors from the main left menu.  There you will see a list of all vendors that have invoices processed through our system. If you don't see the vendor you want to order from, upload one of their recent invoices for us to process. Once processed, that vendor will available to edit.
  • Click on that vendor to go to that vendor's details page. There you will see all the items ordered from that vendor, plus all the past orders for that vendor.   
  • Click the blue edit button as shown below.


2. Enable Online Ordering. 

  • Once on the Edit Vendor page, look about halfway down the page for "Online Ordering" and the checkbox with the question "Will you be placing orders via MarginEdge?".    Check this box as shown below and then add the email address you want the orders to be sent to.


  • NOTE:   It's very important to confirm with the vendor the correct email address where they will receive orders. This might be a central email like, or it might be your sales rep's address. You can have the order sent to more than one email - see the next step for that

3. Add any extra contacts who should be copied on the orders.

  • Click the green "+Add Contacts" button
  • Add the contact's information and be sure to include an email address
  • Then select "Yes" under the "CC" column - this means that Contact will be copied on every order email that goes out for that vendor. See below for an example:


TIP:   To have a copy of every email sent to someone on your staff, you can use the same approach as described above. Add them as a contact, include their email, and click "Yes" under "CC" and they'll receive copies of every one.

4.  Add any required notes for the orders.

  • Just put the note in the box under the line "Notes to add to all orders from this vendor".  For example, you might include "Please text Robert (703-703-7030) to confirm receipt", or "Please call Robert (703-703-7030) if any items are out of stock", or "All deliveries go to the blue side door", etc. You get the idea!

That's it, you're ready to go.  Next step - placing orders!  

How do I place orders directly through ME?





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