Getting Started with MarginEdge

On behalf of the whole MarginEdge team, welcome!!   You likely received a first email inviting you to setup your account with ME (MarginEdge = ME).    So what is ME?    What do you do next?   You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What is ME?

In a nutshell, we exist to help restaurants efficiently track spending and gain insights into COGS.   The goal is to help you maximize profitability while also minimizing manual data entry time.   How do we do this?    With your cell phone camera.    No, seriously!     OK that’s not all, but it truly does start there.     

With our mobile app, you'll quickly take pictures of ALL incoming delivery receipts and invoices, and we’ll get all the details into ME immediately (usually in 24hrs.)  With the data collected that quickly, ME can then help track purchasing, transfer payables into accounting, update inventory prices and give you real-time recipe pricing.

What do you do next?

Download the ME app so you can start taking pics of invoices!  Read the article Uploading Invoices to ME for help.

Also, check out this article with Tips for Taking Great Invoice Pics .

What else?

If you take inventory at your store, you'll want to get started setting up ME for inventory.   For that, we've got this appropriately named article on Getting Started with Inventory in ME 

How do you get help?

For any questions or needs, email our support team at help@   These emails go to our client support team, and we will reply within 1 hour during business hours.   Additionally, we will keep updating this Help Center so you have a place to find answers to questions about how to best use ME.

If you have a general comment or want to give us feedback or just want to say hello, drop us a line anytime at feedback@


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