Vendor Items and Products

When you upload an invoice into MarginEdge, we transcribe the line item detail from those invoices into our software. Each unique line item on an invoice we call a Vendor Item. Every Vendor Item in MarignEdge is unique to its vendor. You can order Vendor Items from your Vendors using our Order Guides and get Price Alerts about Vendor Item price changes. 

We also have a more general representation of your purchases in the software called a Product. Products are what you count on Inventory, use in Recipes track using the Price Movers feature. Often, a Product will be linked to more than one Vendor Item. So, you may buy Avocados (for example) is delivered in multiple packaging sizes from various vendors but our Client Services team of restaurant industry veterans in conjunction with software assistance review each new Vendor Item from your invoices and link them to existing Products in your product database (or create new ones if we can't find one we think fits). We then coded your products into Categories that determine how those purchases are reported to your accounting system. 

Once a Vendor Item is linked to a product, every time it's uploaded from then on, it will automatically be linked to the same product. 


Where can I review new Vendor Items as they come in to make sure everything is being linked and coded the way I want?

We recommend you review the Setup Verification Report on a regular basis to see how your new vendor items are being coded, and change any Vendor Item -> Product associations you want o see differently (here's an article on how to do that).


You can also opt to use the Invoice Approval to review all your invoices for this purpose as well as other areas of invoice processing like reviewing what Payment Accounts your invoices were closed to and other invoice details. 


How does MarginEdge decide how to code my invoices?

Our staff all have Restaurant experience and also use system-wide data about how other restaurants code your invoices that we bring to bear on the task. We use the Categories you have in the system and classify things according to what they are NOT how they're used. So if you upload an invoice with apples on it, we'll code that as "Produce" or "Fruit" depending on your restaurant's categories but we won't code it to "family meal" or "desserts" because only you know how you intend to use it. 


Sometimes I buy the same product but I wanted it coded differently, can you do that?

Coding is determined by the Category set on the Product. Each vendor item in MarginEdge is linked to a single product and each Product is set to a single category (or percentage distribution of categories). So, for example, if you buy the same limes and they are coded to Produce. Every time they are purchased, they will automatically be coded as Produce. We code items on a per/product, not per/invoice basis. 


You can however set a product to report to proportional to more than one Category. So every time you purchase limes, 10% of that purchase can be reported as "Bar Consumables" purchases, and 90% as "Kitchen Purchases" (for example). 


Does MarginEdge try to match all new vendor items to existing Products? 

No, we do this for Food and Beverage items, but not for other purchases like expenses, disposables, paper goods, etc...each of those items gets a unique product each time a new Vendor Item is uploaded to the system. 




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