How to Troubleshoot Common Check Export Errors

How do I check what is causing an export error?

On the accounting export page, you can filter your results to show only exports in error. To see what is causing an export error, you can click on the word “Error” in red to pull up an audit trail of the export history of your invoice and see the last response from your accounting system describing the error.


See explanations of the common export error messages below. Please note that once an invoice is in error, we will not automatically attempt to send it again, so once you have resolved the issue, go back to your Accounting > Export page, select the invoice in error and press Send to attempt to export again. 


What are common export errors?

Check Aleady in the Accounting System/Duplicate Document Error 

A duplicate document error indicates that the check you are attempting to export is already in your accounting system (i.e. a check with the same check number from the same checking account). 

Example Messages

  • "org.apache.http.client.HttpResponseException: Unexpected response status: 400 {"Fault":{"Error":[{"Message":"Duplicate Document Number Error","Detail":"Duplicate Document Number Error : You must specify a different number. This number has already been used. DocNumber=#### is assigned to TxnType=Check with TxnId=####","code":"6140","element":""}],"type":"ValidationFault"},"time":"####"BL01001973

  • Replace the check number ##### with an un-used check number against the [mapped bank account name], then try again. Please enter unique check number [Support ID: #####]

How to fix it

If this check is already in your accounting system you can skip exporting this check from MarginEdge.

Send a Check Payment Before the Invoice has been exported.

In order to pay an invoice with a check payment, that invoice must already be exported to the accounting system. If you attempt to send a check payment before the invoice has been successfully exported, the check will error out as it has nothing to mark as paid. 

Example Messages

  • One or more orders associated with Bill Payment have not yet been sent to accounting.

How to Fix It

Export the invoice that hasn't been exported yet then export your check payment again. If you don't know what invoice is missing, you can see all the invoices on paid with this check number on the error log (see example below)



  • You can use the search bar to look for invoice numbers OR check numbers. If you search for a check number, search results will also include invoices paid with that check number. 
  • If you can't find the invoice, check your date range filter to see if it's outside the date range you're currently viewing
  • If an invoice is in error, that means it hasn't successfully exported and will need to be sent over before a check payment can be exported
  • If you don't see the check try changing your filter to include "Sent" and "Skipped". If the invoice is in "Skipped" status you can export it and then send the check payment. If the invoice is in "Sent" status you should be able to just export the check again by selecting it and pressing the "Send" button on the accounting > export page. 

Check Number used to pay multiple vendors

This error occurs when the same check number is included in invoices written to more than one vendor. 

Example Messages

  • Invalid Check Data Entered. Check number is used on invoices from multiple remote vendors.

How to Fix It

Contact MarginEdge support. We will need to reopen the invoices in question and adjust the check numbers. 


Payment Account is Not Mapped

If an invoice is closed to a payment account that has not been mapped to the corresponding balance sheet account in your accounting system then the invoice will not be exportable. 

Example Messages

  •  Payment Account (Payment Account Name) is not mapped to an accounting system account. Map this account on Accounting > Payment Accounts.

How to Fix It

Go to the Accounting > Payment Accounts page, find the listed payment account, and map it (for full instructions on vendor mapping, check out this article on the topic). Then go to the Accounting > Export page, select the invoice, and press "Send". If the Payment Account is already mapped you will need to manually export the invoice as it is in error status. Go to the Accounting > Export page, select the invoice, and press "Send".

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