How does MarginEdge handle Taxes, Delivery and other misc. charges?


Taxes, delivery fees, fuel charges, and other miscellaneous fees are not entered like regular line items in MarginEdge. 


If you look at any invoice uploaded to MarginEdge by going to the Orders page, you'll see under the line items are a series of fields where your miscellaneous charges are entered?



But what happens when values are entered here?

By default, these charges are booked proportionately to all expense categories found on the invoice.   

So, using the export from the Category Report, you can see that the misc charges above ($4.77 in Taxes and $4.70 in Delivery fees) are booked to the Food - Other, Diary, Seafood, Beverages, and Restaurant Supplies categories. 




Please note, these charges are booked to the categories on the invoice, but do not affect the product price in any way, only the category total. 


What if I want my miscellaneous charges coded to a single Category? 

These settings can be configured on a vendor-by-vendor basis. To do so go to the Vendors Menu, select the vendor you'd like to configure, and click the "Edit Vendor" button 



Here you can scroll down to the Accounting Configuration section and check the "Configure how to handle Miscellaneous Charges" checkbox.



For this example will map Delivery / Shipping / Freight / Fuel misc charges to be booked to the Category "Delivery Fees" but leave the other miscellaneous charges set to the default 


So, using the export from the Category Report, you can see that the taxes on the invoices are still being distributed proportionally, but the delivery charges above are booked now to just the delivery fees category.


What if I want to set these rules for ALL my vendors, do I have to edit them one and a time?

No, if you would like to change the rules for all your vendors at once, you can do so by going to the Vendors menu and clicking the Configure Defaults button


Here you will see the same basic interface, but you can set and lock this for all of your vendors. 


(Note if the configuration button on the right-hand side is set to Unlocked, you won't be able to edit this, you'll need to set this configuration to Locked or Custom Default to set these preferences across all vendors.) 



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