Mapping a Vendor to Your Accounting System

What is vendor mapping?

When new vendors are created in MarginEdge while processing your invoices, they will need to be mapped to the corresponding vendor in your accounting system in order to be exported. Some new vendors get mapped automatically, but others will require you to go in and select the appropriate vendor yourself. 

How do I know if I need to map something? If you have an invoice showing "Needs Attention" status on the Accounting > Export page, or you may receive a "New Vendor Alert" email prompting you to map a vendor. 


How to map your vendors

To map a vendor go to the Accounting > Vendor Mapping page on the lefthand side of the screen.

Here you'll see a list of all your vendors and how they're mapped. You can change these mappings at any time. Any vendor with a blank field in the Accounting System Vendor column is not mapped. 




To map this vendor, triple-click the blank field in the Accounting System Vendor column to see a drop-down list of all your vendors. Select the corresponding vendor and press Save. 




What if I don't see the Vendor from my accounting system? 

If the vendor doesn't exist yet in your accounting system, you'll need to add it there first. If the vendor does exist you should see it in MarginEdge.

  • If you are using, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Intacct and other cloud-based integrations, vendors will appear automatically in MarginEdge when they are added to your accounting system.
  • If you are using QuickBooks desktop, we only get an updated vendor list when you update web services in QuickBooks as you would when importing invoices to update our vendor list in MarginEdge. Try running the web services then checking back again in MarginEdge.
  • If you are using Compeat or Restaurant365 you can map new vendors by entering the vendor code from the accounting system in the Accounting System Vendor Field.
  • For most accounting systems with "flat-file integrations" you'll need to update your Vendor list by exporting your current vendor list from your accounting system and then uploading it to the vendor mapping page. You'll know that this is the case if you see a button on your vendor mapping page that says "Upload Vendor File" (see image below). 


If you had an error on the Accounting Export Page

If you learned that an invoice couldn't be exported from [me] due to a missing mapping, once you have fixed the vendor mapping, you may have to go to the Accounting > Export page and resend the invoice and the check that paid it, if there is one.  Filter to select "All" invoices and then search for the vendor name to verify all have been sent.     

Don't forget that your Payment Accounts must be mapped to


Final things to note




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