Upgrading to the New Toast API 

*These steps are only applicable to customers who already have access to the Toast Partner Connect portal. All Toast integrations (including the MarginEdge integration) must go through their Partner Connect portal. You can view more info here.

Additionally, MarginEdge also charges a Toast API fee: 10% of your subscription costs will show as a separate item on your subscription page on your next invoice. (Sigh. This one's out of our hands and mandated by Toast in order to access the connection 😔).

The big news: MarginEdge is now part of the Toast Partner Ecosystem! 

What’s that mean for you? Your MarginEdge account will soon be fed more reliable and secure data from your Toast account, leading to more accurate and actionable data for you and your team. 

To access the data upgrade, we need you to complete the 3 minute process below to connect to the new Toast API (nope, you don’t need to know what an API is).

Choose your own adventure of instructions: 

*If you already see “Toast API” when you click on Setup > Point of Sale, then you do not need to go through this process.


From your MarginEdge account:

1) Click on Setup > Point of Sale and then click "Add Point of Sale".

2) Type in "Toast API" in the search bar and then select it from the dropdown list.


3) Click "Copy Toast Location ID" button (if the copy was successful, you should get an immediate notification that it copied to your clipboard).

Be sure to check the box "Use as Primary Point of Sale".


4) Open a new tab in your browser and log into your Toast account

5) Click on "Integrations" on the navigation sidebar and click on "Browse & purchase integrations".

Note: All Toast integrations (including the MarginEdge integration) must go through their Partner Connect portal. In order to access this, Toast charges $25/month per location. If you have not yet activated this function on your Toast account then you will be prompted to first subscribe to the Partner Connect portal. You can view more info here.

6) Search for MarginEdge and click "Add Now".


Note: If you do not see the ‘Add Now’ option, it’s possible that you need to update your Toast subscription to the Partner Connect portal, as shown in Step 5. You can view more info here.

7) If there are multiple locations in your Toast account, select the applicable ones and then click "Confirm". For multi-unit groups, select all locations that appear.

8) Back on the Integrations page in your Toast account, click on "Configure Integrations". You’ll now land on the My Integrations page.

9) Click on the cog icon next to MarginEdge (below Actions).

10) Paste the copied Toast Location ID (from step #3) into the Location ID field and click "Apply" (Be mindful not to paste into the Group ID field). For multi-unit groups paste the unique location ID from each unit into the corresponding row.


11) Close out Toast and return to the MarginEdge tab in your browser. Click Save in the Integrations Settings window (this should look familiar).


12) Click on Labor > Setup

13) Click on "Manage Time Sheet Rules".

14) Select "Set Custom Overtime Rules" and fill out Weekly Overtime Rules.

16) If applicable, also fill out Daily Overtime Rules.

17 ) Click SAVE.


18) You're almost done! Now please send a quick email to your implementation manager, or if you're not currently in onboarding, please notify help@marginedge.com so that we can finalize your integration. 


And… voila - now you’re done! 

If you’re the type of person who likes to see the results of their hard work, go back to select Setup on your nav and then click Point of Sale and see that shiny, new Toast API (well done, you!). Once we are notified, you should start seeing sales in 1-2 business days.

Feel free to reach out with any questions to help@marginedge.com


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