How do I map a vendor from ME to QuickBooks Online?

(This article is for QuickBooks Online users.   If you are  running QuickBooks Desktop, see How do I map a vendor from ME to QuickBooks Desktop? )

OK, so "mapping vendors" sounds like something to do with geography....or perhaps the name of a rock band.   What exactly is it?!  

Every vendor created in ME has to have a corresponding vendor in QuickBooks for an invoice to flow properly from our system to yours.    Quite simply, "mapping vendors" just refers to how we connect the dots between each vendor created in ME and the matching vendor in QuickBooks.   

Sometimes this is easy and really straightforward:  an invoice comes into ME from Road Runner Inc, and we create a vendor called "Road Runner Inc" in ME.   In QuickBooks, you already have "Road Runner Inc".   And voila - we know they are the same and can immediately connect (or 'map') them.   Done!

But sometimes it's less straightforward.   For example, we create "Road Runner Inc" in ME, but in QuickBooks, you have setup this vendor with the name "RRInc."   We likely won't know they are the same vendor.    Or, as will often happen, the vendor may not even have been created in QuickBooks yet.    In either of these cases we need your help!

In most cases you'll receive a New Vendor alert from ME letting you know a new vendor was created in ME and needs to be created in QuickBooks and then mapped.   That alert will include a link to the place in ME where you can address this (called a New Vendor Task.)   For more info on the New Vendor Task, visit - How do I use the New Vendor Task page?   

How to map a vendor from one system to the other:

1.   First, be sure the vendor has been created in QuickBooks.   (TIP:  If possible, create the vendor with the exact same name as was used in ME.   If the names match identically, down to the space/period/capital, the systems will do the mapping automatically!)

2.  From the main menu in ME, select Accounting > Vendor Mapping.

3.  On this screen you'll see two columns.   On the left is Vendor Name - this is the name in ME and will never be blank.   On the right is the QuickBooks Vendor that corresponds with the ME name on the left.   If there is a blank in the right column, that is a vendor that needs mapping!    

In the below example, "Arrow" is in ME, but it isn't yet linked to a vendor in QuickBooks (thus the cute little arrow pointing to the empty space.)


4.  To select a QuickBooks vendor, double-click the empty space, and you will then see a list of all your QuickBooks vendors.    Here's what that will look like.   The gray box on the right contains the whole list of QuickBooks vendors:


6.  Find the correct vendor and select it.    In this case, the vendor "Arrow" was selected:  

6.  Click the "Save Changes" button and you're done!   If you were notified that an invoice couldn't be sent from ME to QuickBooks due to no vendor found in QuickBooks, then immediately after hitting "Save Changes", any invoices and checks (if applicable) that were pending for the vendor will flow to QuickBooks.   If you want to be sure, go to the Accounting > Export page, set the filter to "ALL", and then search the page for the vendor name.   All invoices for the vendor should be in "SENT" status. 

Note about Petty Cash or Paid Outs:

Petty Cash / Paid Outs:   If a vendor is only paid with petty cash or through paid outs, and you are setup to have ME use those accounts, those vendors do NOT need to be mapped.   Only vendors you're paying through A/P must be mapped.

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