How do I split-up one count sheet into multiple?

If you have one large "Full Inventory", you may want to separate that into a couple of different count sheets to make it easier for your staff to use at inventory time.    Some restaurants like to have a FOOD and a BAR count sheet, with different employees responsible for managing and counting each.    Others setup a Front of House sheet and a Back of House sheet.    ME will let you setup sheets however you'd like!

If you have one count sheet and want to separate it into a couple, here are the steps to take.    For this example, we'll assume you are splitting the count sheet from "Full Inventory" into a "FOOD" sheet and a "BAR" sheet:

1.  Rename the existing count sheet

Let's assume you will use the Full Inventory for FOOD.    First, First, you’ll want to rename your “Full Inventory” and call it “FOOD”.    To do this, navigate to Inventory > Count Sheets, and select the Full Inventory (just click on it to open.)    Once it opens, you can simply edit the name.

2.  Remove the products that don't belong

In this case, once you've renamed it "FOOD", you'll want to remove all products NOT related to "FOOD", such as Beer, Wine, etc.    To do this, you can either remove each product using the red delete button on the right side of each row, OR click the red delete button to the left of a section title to remove everything in that section.    If your inventory is in "Sheet to Shelf" mode, you'll have these options for deleting a section or product:


If your inventory is in "Auto by Category" mode, you can delete products with these buttons:

Once the inventory is pared down to just the products you want on your FOOD sheets, scroll down and click "Save".


3.  Create the new count sheet

Next, you'll want to create the "BAR" count sheet.   To do that, from the Count Sheets screen, select "+Add a Count Sheet”.    You can then name it and add all the products you want on that sheet.    In most cases, the fastest way will be to select "+Add Product" and select "Add All Products in a Category". For more detail on how to create your count sheet, read How do I setup my count sheets?



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