How do I use the Inventory Products page?

Navigate to this page from the main menu by selecting Inventory > Products.  


This page provides a quick way to see which of your products have been flagged "yes, this product should be inventoried" but are not yet on a count sheet.   For these products, you will either want to place them on a count sheet or decide you don't want to count them.    This page also allows you to see product that are already on a count sheet.    

NOTE:  If your count sheets are setup to receive new products automatically (this is selected at the top of each count sheet), you won't have to visit this page to manage new products.   For more on this, visit the article - How do I add new products to count sheets? 


Using this Page

To help focus on the products you want to find or work with, there are two filters at the top of the page.   

Category Types:

This filter, as shown below, allows you to display only those products in one of these categories:
    "Food", "Beer", "Wine", "Liquor", "NA Bev", "Retail" or "Other" 


All Products vs New Products:

This filter, shown below, allows you to limit what types of products are shown:

New Products - These are products you purchased and have been flagged 'yes' for inventory but have not yet been assigned to any count sheets.

All Products - Using this selection, you will see all products in the system, regardless of whether they are inventoried or not, and regardless of whether they've been assigned to a count sheet yet. 


Product Inventory Settings 

Select any row to see the inventory settings for that product, including whether or not the product should be inventoried, and if so, which count sheet should it be included in.

A product not flagged to be inventoried will have an initial screen that looks like this:


To flag the product to be included on one or more count sheets, first check the box shown.


Then you can select which sheets to add the product to, and if it's a "sheet to shelf" count sheet, you can specific which section to place it in.    Click the green button (shown below), to add the product to a count sheet.   In the example, the product was added to "Full Inventory" in the section called "Food/Other".



You can click the green "+Add to a Count Sheet" button again to add the product to another count sheet or another section of the same count sheet (as was done in the example below.)


Be sure to click "Save" when finished.




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