What's the difference between "count sheets" and "inventories"?

In ME, "Count Sheets" are the customized lists of products and recipes you will use when counting your inventory.   You can use one large count sheet for your entire inventory, or you can setup multiple count sheets, such as Food and Bar perhaps.    You can also setup a count sheet for a smaller set of items you want to count, such as a daily hot-list, or a smaller weekly set of items to count.    

For help setting up or organizing your count sheets, see How do I setup my count sheets?


"Inventories" are the results of your counts.   Inventories are the numbers and dollar values from any date on which you counted using any of your count sheets.   Inventories are shown as a list, with each inventory shown on one row on the page.    You can select each inventory row to see more:

  • Select a "Closed" inventory, and you will see the results of your counts including $ values and # counts.
  • Select a "Saved" inventory, and you can continue to enter counts or edit counts you already entered. 


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